Revision Spaces

We are aware that for those of you at school or university, Wildfires falls around that all important exam time! The vision for Wildfires is to see the Holy Spirit spreading like a wild fire into all spheres of society, which includes the schools and universities that you attend as well as the places of work and people that you will go on to influence further down the line.

This is why at Wildfires we have created a dedicated ‘Revision Space’ at Wiston House that will be open every day from 1-5pm. Not only will you have a quiet space with tables, chairs, electricity and refreshments, but each day a team of people will be available to support and pray in the room as you revise.

The Holy Spirit is a genius at every subject and loves to guide us and teach us as well as bring peace where we feel stressed, so we aim to create a space where he can do what he does best as you knuckle down to revise!