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    Pentecost Promise: The Spirit Poured Out on All Flesh

    Dr Jasper Knecht
    Tuesday 31st May 2.30-3.30pm

    Dr Jasper Knecht will be speaking on the Old Testament background to Pentecost and how we understand the prophecy that the Spirit will be poured out afresh on all flesh as was fulfilled at the post-ascension Pentecost festival. He’ll be exploring the promises of God to young and old, men and women, rich and poor, in the pouring out of the Spirit and unpacking what that means for us today. 

    Pentecost Presence: The Presence and Power of the Spirit in the World

    Dr Lucy Peppiatt
    Tuesday 31st May 4-5pm

    Dr Lucy Peppiatt will be following on from Jasper’s talk by looking at how Pentecost has changed our experience of God in the world today. She’ll be exploring what it looks like to see the Spirit moving in the world; how we understand God’s presence and His power; and how that takes us deeper into the nature and heart of God.

    Justice: A Kingdom Vision

    Pete Portal
    Wednesday 1st June 2.30-3.30pm

    Justice is a popular word in today’s public debate, but what does it mean when viewed from the perspective of the kingdom of God? How might followers of Jesus engage with the world of ‘call out’ culture when Jesus’ kingdom has a ‘call in’ culture at its heart? Come and grapple with these questions and, rather than looking at what is wrong with our world, be inspired to ask what is missing. As we do, we’ll discover what unique contribution each of us could be called to make.

    Sex Talk

    Emma Waring
    Wednesday 1st June 4-5pm

    Join Rachel Hughes as she interviews Emma Waring about how to
    create a good sexual relationship throughout marriage and how to
    deal with sexual problems that are common, but are rarely discussed.