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    From Conversation to Action: Racial Justice and the Church

    Liz Muir and Hannah Bowring
    Tuesday 31st May 2.30-3.30pm

    Justice is a reflection of God’s character and a work we’re all called to. How can we ensure our churches are places of racial justice, going beyond words?

    What Does it Mean to be Human?

    Peter Lynas & Damilola Mikande
    Tuesday 31st May 4-5pm

    This is arguably the most important and contested question in our culture today. We’re constantly confronted with questions about refugees, assisted suicide, racial justice, abortion, sexuality and the fractious discussion over trans and women’s rights. In this session, Damilola and Peter will introduce the Being Human lens: looking at what it means to be a human grounded in the biblical story and how this new apologetic might reform our cultural engagement. 

    From Conversation to Action: Climate Justice and the Church

    Jack Wakefield and Hannah Bowring
    Wednesday 1st June 2:30-3:30pm

    The world is waking up to the climate crisis, increasing forced migration, conflict and inequality. What’s our role? How do we take action and bring hope as the Church?

    Being Human: Exploring Sexuality, Sex and Gender

    Peter Lynas and Damilola Mikande
    Wednesday 1st June 4-5pm

    Why have sex, sexuality and gender become so linked to our sense
    of identity? We’ll use the Being Human lens to explore the cultural
    and biblical narratives around these topics, creating space for
    discipleship and missional conversations.