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    MONDAY 29th MAY, 2.30-3.30

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    Sexuality and the Church – Big Top

    Pete Hughes and Ric Thorpe

    A conversation between Pete Hughes and Bishop Ric Thorpe regarding how the Church can engage with the issue of human sexuality and pursuing unity in a moment of cultural division

    Parenting in the midst of cultural chaos – Ignite

    Nick and Becky Drake, Leah Chillengwe, Katharine Hill, Anna Smith and Pete Wynter

    Parenting is both a joy and a challenge. How do we parent with consistency, intentionality, compassion and faith? Our panel will share their struggles and successes; worries and wisdom.

    Decisions are made by those who show up – Blaze

    Andy Flannagan

    As Christians are we too often complaining about culture and politics rather than getting involved? Discover the biblical call to be salt and light and testimonies from those already seeing God do incredible things.

    How to resolve the inter generational clash – Chapel

    Fi Costa and John Wyatt

    We’re living at a time of increasing division and disconnection between the generations which affects all aspects of our society. How can we rebuild the bonds between us and build intergenerational communities?

    Discovering Your Purpose – Sparks

    Hannah Miller

    We’ll explore purpose and calling, empowering you to be God’s ambassador in every environment. We’ll equip you to discern what you’re made to bring and how you can use your gifts in every season.