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    WEDNESDAY 31st MAY 2.30-3.30

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    Finding God in the Darkness – Big Top

    Sammy Greig, Rich Wilson and Beth Redman

    Where is God and what is God doing when pain and suffering comes knocking at our door or has kicked the door down and taken up residence. How can we respond to Jesus with trust and find hope? We will be sharing scripture and stories and are confident that the Holy Spirit will gently minister to us

    Mental Health and Faith: Finding Understanding, Hope and More of God – Ignite

    Jason Clark and Margaret Bristow

    This lab will share personal stories that model the integration of faith and mental health, a spirituality of mental health, and professional and practical steps to improve mental health.

    How the Spirit Leads Us to Justice – Blaze

    World Vision

    New data suggests a disconnect in how young people perceive the role of the Church in relation to social justice. Should we be rethinking this issue and what role does the Spirit play? 

    Building Furnaces of Prayer – Chapel

    Alicia Chapman, Jill Weber and James Aladiran

    Join us as we explore how rhythms and spaces can enable us to build furnaces of prayer. We’ll discuss how individuals and communities can be transformed in this process, so come and be inspired! 

    Ministry in the Power of the Spirit – Sparks

    Ben Jones

    Ben will be speaking about the unseen foundations of Jesus’ ministry in the power of the Spirit and how we can become more like him. The session will include ministry and an opportunity to practice the gifts of the Spirit.