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    I don’t understand the ticketing?

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    This year, we have taken a different approach to ticket prices to make the event affordable for all.

    We know that different people can afford different amounts so rather than sell the cheaper tickets to those who book first, we are suggesting you pay as much as you can!

    There are three simple things we ask you to consider when booking for Wildfires 2024:
    1) There are a number of limited tickets at the lowest possible price. We would like them to go to those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend.
    2) If you can afford to pay the standard ticket price, please do, and you will be helping others to come too.
    3) If you are feeling really generous, you can pay a little more than the standard price, which means you contribute to someone else’s ticket.

    In addition, as part of our commitment to students (18-25yrs) and young people, we have heavily discounted all tickets for these age groups to encourage everyone from all ages to be able to attend Wildfires 2024