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    The Power of the Prophetic

    John Scott
    Tuesday 31st May 2.30-3.30pm

    Prophecy is potent. It opens up individuals, communities and cities to the purposes of God. We’ll look at the power of prophecy, partnering with the prophetic and how we process prophetic words.

    Formation For Mission

    Jay Pathak
    Tuesday 31st May 4-5pm

    The world is increasingly suspicious of image-conscious Christian leaders. Our witness is dependent upon authentic transformation. Yet, we want to be approachable. Let’s talk about this tension and the real hope we can give the watching world.

    Parenting Panel

    Leah Chillengwe/ Krish Kandiah/ Ellie Gardner/ Sarah Cole
    Wednesday 1st June 2.30-3.30pm

    Parenting children well is one of life’s greatest joys and toughest challenges. How do we parent with consistency, intentionality, compassion and faith? Join Becky Drake and a panel of parents and professionals as they share their struggles and successes; worries and wisdom.

    Building a Creative Worshipping Culture

    Gas Street Music and Jonathan and Melissa Helser
    Wednesday 1st June 4-5pm

    We long to see the Church in the UK find its voice again. How can we release a holy wildness in our worship? How can we build a culture of creativity, risk, humility and love in our teams? Join the Gas Street Music team, alongside Jonathan and Melissa Helser to hear more.