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    Wildfires Labs are interactive workshops where we unpack, debate and explore distinct areas of life in the Spirit.


    Each Lab will include contributors, but they’ll only be delivering part of the content. It’s up to you to bring your voice, thoughts and ideas too!


    These are distinctive learning environments, with contributors who act as coaches through the sessions. Typically, only half the content will come from the front, and the sessions are structured in such a way that mean you’ll be a key contributor. We’ll be breaking into huddles, throwing out questions, feeding in thoughts, and developing personal takeaways.

    Wisdom Lab

    with Ken Costa, RT Kendall and guests

    Glean Wisdom and insight from those who have walked the mountain tops and the valleys of life in relationship with Jesus and learn more about what it means to live a life seeking His Kingdom.

    Prophetic Lab

    with John Scott

    Come along and learn more about the gift of prophecy: how to grow in hearing God’s voice, the different ways he might speak to us and the ways we are empowered by the Spirit to see transformation in those around us. 

    Theology Lab

    with Lucy Peppiatt, Matt Lynch and Jasper Knecht

    Do you want to explore some of the deeper questions of faith, the nature of God, and how to discover more of the treasures of the Bible? Join in with the Theology Lab for a chance to engage with some rich scholarship on the scriptures and theology and how this connects to living out the Christian life today

    Revival Lab

    with Jon Tyson

    At Wildfires we are contending for the next great awakening, so come and get inspired at the Revival Lab where we will be exploring what revival means, how we can learn from past moves of God and what it looks like to position ourselves to see revival in our lifetime.

    Off the Script Lab

    with various speakers

    In this lab, we will be looking at various hot topics that speak into our world today with some phenomenal speakers in different spheres of society.

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