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    Labs are interactive sessions from Wildfires contributors delving deeper into how we can take the wild fire of the Holy Spirit back to our homes, communities and nations. Wildfires Labs are a great opportunity to learn and grow with others from all around the world, whilst receiving valuable teaching and input from outstanding contributors. 


    Each Lab will include contributors, but they’ll only be delivering part of the content. It’s up to you to bring your voice, thoughts and ideas too!


    Labs happen each afternoon of Wildfires in venues across the site. More information about what labs is available below.

    MONDAY 29th MAY, 2.30-3.30

    Sexuality and the Church – Big Top

    Pete Hughes and Ric Thorpe

    A conversation between Pete Hughes and Bishop Ric Thorpe regarding how the Church can engage with the issue of human sexuality and pursuing unity in a moment of cultural division

    Parenting in the midst of cultural chaos – Ignite

    Nick and Becky Drake, Leah Chillengwe, Katharine Hill, Anna Smith and Pete Wynter

    Parenting is both a joy and a challenge. How do we parent with consistency, intentionality, compassion and faith? Our panel will share their struggles and successes; worries and wisdom.

    Decisions are made by those who show up – Blaze

    Andy Flannagan

    As Christians are we too often complaining about culture and politics rather than getting involved? Discover the biblical call to be salt and light and testimonies from those already seeing God do incredible things.

    How to resolve the inter generational clash – Chapel

    Fi Costa and John Wyatt

    We’re living at a time of increasing division and disconnection between the generations which affects all aspects of our society. How can we rebuild the bonds between us and build intergenerational communities?

    Discovering Your Purpose – Sparks

    Hannah Miller

    We’ll explore purpose and calling, empowering you to be God’s ambassador in every environment. We’ll equip you to discern what you’re made to bring and how you can use your gifts in every season.

    MONDAY 29th MAY, 4.00-5.00

    Walking in the Ancient Paths: the what, why and how of spiritual formation and a rule of life – Big Top

    Jonny Hughes, Tyler Staton and Jill Weber

    Recently, we’ve seen a renewed focus on spiritual formation at and the specific role of a Rule of Life within that. Come and explore more and how it could apply to you.

    Contending for Women to Rise – Ignite

    Ness Wilson, Anna Mason, Lois Lois Tackie-Oblie + Amy Hughes

    Whenever there are moves of God, women get released to take their place alongside men in hosting the Holy Spirit. We’ll explore how women can bring their fullest contribution to what God is doing.

    Every Tribe and People – Blaze

    Simon Benham, Natalie Williams, Wole Agbaje

    Do people from other nations feel welcome in our churches? How about those who are working class, or in poverty, or single? We’ll explore how to build diverse churches that reach all people.

    Investing in the Next Generation – Chapel

    Josh Green, Tanya Wilson and Lindz West

    Join some of the leading voices in national and local youth work in the UK to hear advice, strategy and vision for reaching and keeping the next generation of young Jesus followers.

    Technology and Discipleship – Sparks

    Tim May and John Wyatt

    Is technology part of God’s plan for redemption and what does discipleship look like in this era of Artificial Intelligence and web 3.0?

    TUESDAY 30th MAY, 2.30-3.30

    Asbury: Catch the Fire – Big Top

    JD Walt

    What can awakenings teach us about how to receive this fire and kindle this outpouring of Jesus in our hearts and through our communities? Hear JD Walt’s experience and insights from the Ashbury outpouring.

    Dating and Being Single in the Church: A User’s Guide – Ignite

    Lauren Windle

    In this honest session, Lauren will explore some of the challenges facing Christians who are single and dating. There will be laughs, encouragement and challenges to create a better dating culture in the Church.

    Leadership in the Age of Volatility – Blaze

    Ken Costa and Pete Wynter

    It seems like there is a leadership crisis everywhere we look. Building trust and bringing transformation is a huge challenge in whatever sphere of society God has called you to. How can we become a generation of distinctively Christian Leaders who lead with strength and confidence?

    Does God Really Care About How I Dispose of My Yoghurt Pot? – Chapel

    Hannah Bowring and Becky Ingamells (Tearfund)

    Consumerism is the water we swim in but what’s it do to our hearts? How can we embody an alternative kingdom whilst our feet are planted in this one? We’ll explore how your yoghurt pot sits at an intersection between consumerism, creation care and global justice.

    This Cultural Moment: How to really change the world – Sparks

    Jason Clark

    We are in a moment or permacrisis, of identity, politics, economics, and education.  How as Christians can we better understand the times we are in? How can we find hope, and ways to live and respond, that bring transformation for us and others?

    TUESDAY 30th MAY, 4.00-5.00

    The Power of the Prophetic – Big Top

    Jim Laffoon

    We’ll discuss the power of the prophetic to bring transformative change, the gift of prophecy as a platform for other gifts, proactive intercession, and some practices involved in growing in the prophetic.

    Understanding this Cultural Moment – Ignite

    Damilola Makinde

    In this session, we will survey the shakings in wider culture and in the Church, and consider some foundational invitations from the Spirit, for such a time as this

    Hope for the City – Blaze

    Adam and Rachel Dyer

    We believe there’s an opportunity for churches to reshape services in innovative and creative ways. We’ll explore transformation spilling out of the church and ways to live out a more hopeful Christianity.

    The Sound Emerging in Worship – Chapel

    Rich and Lydia di Castiglione and friends

    Join the conversation on what is happening in worship around the UK and beyond. How has the Asbury outpouring impacted our times together and what is the new sound that’s stirring?

    WEDNESDAY 31st MAY 2.30-3.30

    Finding God in the Darkness – Big Top

    Sammy Greig, Rich Wilson and Beth Redman

    Where is God and what is God doing when pain and suffering comes knocking at our door or has kicked the door down and taken up residence. How can we respond to Jesus with trust and find hope? We will be sharing scripture and stories and are confident that the Holy Spirit will gently minister to us

    Mental Health and Faith: Finding Understanding, Hope and More of God – Ignite

    Jason Clark and Margaret Bristow

    This lab will share personal stories that model the integration of faith and mental health, a spirituality of mental health, and professional and practical steps to improve mental health.

    How the Spirit Leads Us to Justice – Blaze

    World Vision

    New data suggests a disconnect in how young people perceive the role of the Church in relation to social justice. Should we be rethinking this issue and what role does the Spirit play? 

    Building Furnaces of Prayer – Chapel

    Alicia Chapman, Jill Weber and James Aladiran

    Join us as we explore how rhythms and spaces can enable us to build furnaces of prayer. We’ll discuss how individuals and communities can be transformed in this process, so come and be inspired! 

    Ministry in the Power of the Spirit – Sparks

    Ben Jones

    Ben will be speaking about the unseen foundations of Jesus’ ministry in the power of the Spirit and how we can become more like him. The session will include ministry and an opportunity to practice the gifts of the Spirit.