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    Todd Deatherage

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    Todd is the Co-Founder of Telos, a Washington D.C.-based nonprofit dedicated to the formation of communities of American peacemakers across lines of difference to bring healing to conflict at home and abroad. Telos’ primary area of focus has been on America’s relationship to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  In more recent years, they’ve developed programming aimed at addressing issues of racial injustice in the U.S. and examining lessons from the Good Friday Peace Agreement in Northern Ireland.  Prior to Telos, Todd previously served at the U.S. State Department and spent a decade working on Capitol Hill.

    Todd’s passion is for helping Christians embrace Jesus’ call to be peacemakers as central to their discipleship journeys. He is a native of the American South and graduate of the University of Arkansas, and began his career as an educator. He and his wife Judi have four adult children, two daughters-in-law, one very British son-in-law, and a new grandson. He lives in Annandale, Virginia.