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    MONDAY 29th MAY, 4.00-5.00

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    Walking in the Ancient Paths: the what, why and how of spiritual formation and a rule of life – Big Top

    Jonny Hughes, Tyler Staton and Jill Weber

    Recently, we’ve seen a renewed focus on spiritual formation at and the specific role of a Rule of Life within that. Come and explore more and how it could apply to you.

    Contending for Women to Rise – Ignite

    Ness Wilson, Anna Mason, Lois Lois Tackie-Oblie + Amy Hughes

    Whenever there are moves of God, women get released to take their place alongside men in hosting the Holy Spirit. We’ll explore how women can bring their fullest contribution to what God is doing.

    Every Tribe and People – Blaze

    Simon Benham, Natalie Williams, Wole Agbaje

    Do people from other nations feel welcome in our churches? How about those who are working class, or in poverty, or single? We’ll explore how to build diverse churches that reach all people.

    Investing in the Next Generation – Chapel

    Josh Green, Tanya Wilson and Lindz West

    Join some of the leading voices in national and local youth work in the UK to hear advice, strategy and vision for reaching and keeping the next generation of young Jesus followers.

    Technology and Discipleship – Sparks

    Tim May and John Wyatt

    Is technology part of God’s plan for redemption and what does discipleship look like in this era of Artificial Intelligence and web 3.0?