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    TUESDAY 30th MAY, 2.30-3.30

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    Asbury: Catch the Fire – Big Top

    JD Walt

    What can awakenings teach us about how to receive this fire and kindle this outpouring of Jesus in our hearts and through our communities? Hear JD Walt’s experience and insights from the Ashbury outpouring.

    Dating and Being Single in the Church: A User’s Guide – Ignite

    Lauren Windle

    In this honest session, Lauren will explore some of the challenges facing Christians who are single and dating. There will be laughs, encouragement and challenges to create a better dating culture in the Church.

    Leadership in the Age of Volatility – Blaze

    Ken Costa and Pete Wynter

    It seems like there is a leadership crisis everywhere we look. Building trust and bringing transformation is a huge challenge in whatever sphere of society God has called you to. How can we become a generation of distinctively Christian Leaders who lead with strength and confidence?

    Does God Really Care About How I Dispose of My Yoghurt Pot? – Chapel

    Hannah Bowring and Becky Ingamells (Tearfund)

    Consumerism is the water we swim in but what’s it do to our hearts? How can we embody an alternative kingdom whilst our feet are planted in this one? We’ll explore how your yoghurt pot sits at an intersection between consumerism, creation care and global justice.

    This Cultural Moment: How to really change the world – Sparks

    Jason Clark

    We are in a moment or permacrisis, of identity, politics, economics, and education.  How as Christians can we better understand the times we are in? How can we find hope, and ways to live and respond, that bring transformation for us and others?