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    Here are some of the different options for staying at Wildfires:


    Camping is the best way of experiencing Wildfires, with evenings around the campfires you won’t want to miss out on.

    Adults and students will need to pay £25 per person for camping at Wildfires, you will be asked to specify which size tent you are bringing to help us will allocating appropriate campsite space for various groups.

    When booking your ticket you will be asked if you’re coming as part of a group. We will do our best to ensure that groups are able to camp together, however we are unable to promise this.  


    When you book your ticket, you will need to pay £60 for your caravan/campervan. There is a reserved area in the campsite for all our caravanners. Once you have placed your caravan/campervan in its allocated pitch (pitch size is 6x9m), you will then need to return your car to the car park. Unfortunately we are unable to place caravans in amongst the tents.

    Glamping – More information soon.


    There are plenty of off-site options to choose from including B&B’s, Hotels and Guesthouses. 

    Whichever accommodation option you choose, we will have a friendly Wildfires welcome team to direct you upon your arrival. 


    Wildfires Camping is split into camping Villages, and the general camping area.

    Everyone will be part part of a Wildfires Camping Village, so you can look forward to having access to one of the Wildfires Village Halls (either designated or general). These are spaces supplied with fridges, power points and lighting as well as lots of space to socialise and eat with your group so please make the most of them.

    Both Wildfires Villages and the General Camping Area will have a fire pit with hay bales for seating so you can make new friends and enjoy those cosy evening fireside chats.


    There are plenty of toilets at various points across the campsite for you to use. There will also be accessible toilets for those with mobility needs.

    There will be a shower block within the campsite with plenty of showers for you to use. There will also be accessible showers for those with mobility needs.

    Water Points
    Whether you want to refill your water bottle, brush your teeth or wash up your pots and pans, there are water points with sinks throughout the campsite.